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Made for This Birth

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Your Birth Matters 

And God
Wants to Meet
You There.


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You belong here if:

You believe that birth was intentionally designed by God and He knew what He was doing.

You are motivated and ready to take action towards the best pregnancy, birth, and postpartum possible.

You want to reclaim your feminine design from the lies of the world and learn how to overcome fears about your body and birth.


You know that fertility is not a disease, pregnancy is not an illness, and birth is not an emergency.

You want to glorify God through your body and change the world through this pregnancy and birth.


You know that your female body is united to your soul, intrinsic to who you are, and meant to speak the language of life.


You want to take the empowered responsibility for your health, your birth, and your baby that God intends for you as mother.


You're ready to embrace God's design for your unique body, your unique birth, your unique motherhood.

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Search for providers who believe both you and your baby are valuable, loved, and worthy of the best possible care.

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Prepare now with the information and support you need for the healthy, happy, holy birth you've been dreaming about.

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Connect for local doula services, virtual or in-person consults, birth planning, birth processing, and more.

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The Best-Selling Book
Made For This: The Catholic Mom's Guide To Birth

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Your birth matters.


Made for This: The Catholic Mom's Guide to Birth is the first book on the topic of childbirth from a Catholic and holistic point of view. Birth affects all of us - body, mind, heart, and soul. In Made for This, the Catholic woman can learn how to understand, prepare for, and experience her unique birth in all those ways through the lens of her Faith. Steeped in Catholic teaching and in an understanding of the Theology of the Body as taught by Pope Saint John Paul II, Made for This helps you invite the One who designed it all in the first place to permeate your unique matter what kind of birth you have.


Topics include: birth plan decisions, preparing your body, mind, and soul for motherhood, the theology of birth, practical guidance and tips for before, during, and after birth, cesarean birth, healing from birth trauma and handling loss, and so much more. Filled with first hand testimonies from 40 Catholic mothers as well as wisdom from popes and saints, Made for This can help make your unique birth everything that God wants it to be for you and your baby.

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