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The Made for This Birth App

The Made for This Birth App and Album are designed for the mother who is ready for her birth not just to be an amazing physical event but a profoundly spiritual one as well.

The Album offers 13 original tracks containing over three hours of prayer, meditations, Scripture, and affirmations to transform your pregnancy and birth. It is specifically designed to offer confidence, overcome fear, and prepare you for an empowering and supernatural birth with God. Use it before birth to prepare mind, heart, and soul and during your birth, steeping that time in the grace and power of God.

The Made for This Weekly Pregnancy Guide on the app walks you through a more intentional pregnancy and birth in every way - Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul:



Each week you’ll be offered a unique glimpse of what your baby is up to, how God is knitting him or her together in your womb, what they look like, and what you may be experiencing at this point during pregnancy. 



No realm of our humanity is meant to be outside His touch. Through weekly short articles, you’ll receive easily digestible but impactful information and reflections about your pregnancy, prenatal care, birth, and postpartum time. But unlike secular sources, we’ll see them all through the lens of God’s intentional design, in a way that honors the integration of body, mind, heart, and soul. We’ll also include a few links to dive deeper into or offer more practical help on the topic.



How is God working in your heart right now? What might He be wanting to do for you, in you, and through you during this pregnancy and birth? Each week offers beautiful and compelling questions to reflect on, take to prayer, and even journal through to tap into the profound spiritual and emotional growth possible during this pregnancy and birth.


God wants to be invited into every part of your pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. He has a beautiful plan for you and your baby. Each week you’ll receive a custom prayer specific to that week to help you orient all your decisions and experiences toward that plan and saturate you and your baby in His love, grace, and power. 

The app also offers exclusive downloads and printables, a whole tab of prayers for your pregnancy and birth,  access to our provider directory, stories, posts, and more!
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To get the Made for This Birth App on your iPhone

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Non-Apple Users:
If you don't use Apple or own a smart phone,

to access the full album on this site and some of the other exclusive resources through our site membership!


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