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Made for This Birth

Made for This Birth Logo White .png
Made for This Birth Logo White .png
About Made for This Birth
Your birth matters and God wants to meet you there.
He has designed you to give birth to your baby
and He cares about every step of the process.

+ At Made for This Birth we aim to provide women with the support, information, resources, and confidence needed to have the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience that God designed for them.

+ We believe that every birth matters to the mother, father, baby, community, Church, and the whole world.

+ We believe that pregnant women have the right to evidence based practices, informed consent, bodily autonomy, and that mother and father are the primary authority for their baby.

+ We believe that every baby has the right to evidence based practices and to be treated with dignity at every stage of development.

+ We believe that birth is one of the most powerful and beautiful forces on earth and that our bodies and birth are intentionally designed by an omnipotent God who knew what He was doing. 
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