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Look What's New on the Made for This Birth App!

Ready for a TRULY holistic pregnancy tracker?

One that approaches pregnancy and birth in an authentically integrated way?

One that isn't afraid to use the beautiful words woman and mother?

One that honors God's design for our bodies and birth?

One that doesn't simply parrot mainstream narratives about prenatal care and birth?

How about one that respects the dignity of your baby, your womanhood, your marriage, and your role as mother?

Or one that recognizes that pregnancy and birth is not just about getting a baby out of your body but about transforming women into mothers?

Well, our newest Made for This Birth App update is now live!

It's time to start treating your pregnancy and birth as an integrated woman - body, mind, heart, soul. It's all connected. This app is meant to help do just that. It will hopefully challenge you, empower you, inform you, transform you, and walk with you through pregnancy, even from those very first weeks. We want to help you tap into the tremendous grace available. God doesn't just want to bring babies into the world, as amazing as that is. He wants to work in YOUR heart and soul as well.

Our new Weekly Pregnancy Guide walks you through a more intentional and holistic pregnancy and birth in every way:


Each week you’ll be offered a unique glimpse of what your baby is up to, how God is knitting him or her together in your womb, what they look like, and what you may be experiencing at this point during pregnancy.


No realm of our humanity is meant to be outside His touch. Through short topical articles, you’ll receive easily digestible but impactful information and reflections about your pregnancy, prenatal care, birth, and postpartum time. But unlike secular sources, we’ll see them all through the lens of God’s intentional design, in a way that honors the integration of body, mind, heart, and soul. We’ll also include a few links to dive deeper into or offer more practical help on the topic!


How is God working in your heart right now? What might He be wanting to do for you, in you, and through you during this pregnancy and birth? Each week offers beautiful and compelling questions to reflect on, take to prayer, and even journal through to tap into the profound spiritual and emotional growth possible during this pregnancy and birth.


God wants to be invited into every part of your pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. He has a beautiful plan for you and your baby. Each week you’ll receive a custom prayer specific to that week to help you orient all your decisions and experiences toward that plan and saturate you and your baby in His love, grace, and power.

We worked so hard to create this and pray that you will find it a source of grace, strength, and encouragement for you during this incredible time of pregnancy and into birth.

What else is new?

  • The Made for This Birth Directory is now updated on the app just like on the site. Right from the app you can find Catholic, Christian, and pro-life birth workers near you.

  • Encouraging and inspirational birth stories from women are now right on the homepage and updated regularly.

  • New printable downloads both free and for subscribers!

If you already have the app, it should update automatically for you!

(FYI, the first time you open the updated version, it may take a minute or two to load the audio tracks again.)

We're still looking for the right person to take our app to Android so for now it is still only available on Apple. But please pray for us that we can offer it on Android soon, too! If you know of anyone who might be able to assist us in this, please send us a note!


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