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New Resources from Made for This Birth!

We've just updated our RESOURCES page to include a whole slew of new .pdf downloads to help you have a more empowered and informed pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum!

Included in this update are several FREE downloads as well as downloads exclusive only to our annual members.

Want to know what questions to ask a potential midwife or OB? We've got that!

Want to know what to think about when planning for the best postpartum? Got that covered, too!

Want to print out the Rite of Blessing of Mother Before Childbirth to bring to your priest? It's free to download!

How about a birth plan template and guide? That's available, too!

A whole list of suggestions to prepare for birth the 4-6 weeks of pregnancy? You got it!


Click on over to our RESOURCES page to see what's new!

Annual Made for This Birth Membership includes full streaming access to The Made for This Birth Album as well as access to all exclusive resources for an entire year! The recently released album has been helping more and more women prepare for and have more peaceful, healthy, and holy pregnancies and births filled with prayer, Scripture, and words of encouragement.

We LOVE that we've been getting reviews, stories, and messages coming in sharing just how impactful the tracks have been during pregnancy and birth! It's an honor to be a part of so many of your stories!

(Check out this beautiful video testimony!)

And no worries, to our Made for This App users! Our newest update will have all these available on the app, too, as well as an all new prayer tab!

We're so excited to be providing more and more resources for your pregnancy and birth journey. We are committed to being a solid and trustworthy resource for women of faith, to help build a stronger culture of life one pregnancy and birth at a time.

(Be sure you're also following us on Instagram for lots more posts, sharing, learning, and empowering for a wonderful and informed pregnancy and birth!)

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