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Introducing...The Made for This Birth APP!!!


On this feast of St. Joseph the Worker, we are SO EXCITED to finally have this ready to share with you! We have put so much work and time and prayer into this resource.

Introducing...The Made for This Birth App!!!

On the app you will find its signature resource, The Made for This Birth Album that contains over 3 HOURS of guided prayer, affirmations, Scripture, and meditations to prepare you in your pregnancy for a holy, healthy, empowering birth with God.

The app also provides a daily encouragement verse, some free printable affirmations, and access to blog posts, birth stories, and the directory of pro-life birth professionals.

Depending on resources and God’s will, we have plans for more features to be added as well ;)

I hope you love it and I hope it provides you with confidence, inspiration, and encouragement for a beautiful birth. I hope it draws you deeply into His love knowing that the God of the universe made you for this work.

Go get it!!! We would absolutely LOVE for you to share by word of mouth and in your social media accounts with mamas you think this could bless. You can even gift them an Apple gift card so they can get it!

And if you find it helpful, we would greatly greatly appreciate 5-star reviews.

I'd also ask that you please be patient with any glitches. We don't see any and are obviously praying there aren’t any but...we’re also doing this on a negative budget and as amateurs self-trained in coding. We're doing our best and we thank you for understanding!

For Android/non-iPhone Users:

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available on Apple. It was our initial plan to have it available in both formats but unless we get someone smart donating a whole lot of time, we just can’t create a whole new app at this moment to work with the completely separate coding required by GooglePlay right now. (If only those two could get along!) We're working on it.

BUT, we still have you covered! You can still access the entire album through an annual streaming plan direct from this site:

Thank you so much for spreading the word, for your prayers for this project, and for allowing us the chance to be a part of your pregnancy and birth. God is so good and we hope and pray that this work glorifies Him.

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Amanda Antony
Amanda Antony
Jun 07, 2022

I LOVE your book! I am very excited for an app I can use during labor and hope that an Android version can be available soon. God bless you for your work!

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