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Standard Birth Affirmations {rosa mystica collection}

Standard Birth Affirmations {rosa mystica collection}


Remind and encourage yourself before and throughout birth with these 20 beautiful custom designed birth affirmation printables, adding truth and beauty to your birth space. These standard affirmations contain messages designed to remind you of what you know to be true about your body and about birth especially when it might be difficult. They also offer helpful reminders to work with and embrace labor. They are meant to help prepare your mind, heart, and body to welcome labor and in doing so facilitate an easier and more peaceful birth for you and your baby.


Images show just a sampling of the TWENTY custom affirmations you will receive.


The Rosa Mystica collection is designed to honor beauty, grace, and the new awakening of our femininity during birth. It offers warmer colors and soft and romantic pink and green florals.


They will be sent as a .pdf file for downloading to and printing from your computer. Affirmations are formatted to 5x7 but can be sized down on your personal printer if you prefer smaller. Some printers have options for printing more than one affirmation per page (check in the "layout" option when your printer window pops up). Printer settings vary greatly so please check to make sure the size you want is printing correctly before printing. For best results, use high quality cardstock or even try watercolor paper.


Once printed, they can be hung, placed in places around the house, tucked in a birth binder or prayer journal, or even framed! Affirmations are useful whether birthing at home, birth center, or hospital.


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