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Doula Rachel

Rachel Ogea

Doula, Childbirth Educator

San Antonio, Texas


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As a Catholic, a military wife, a mother of seven children, and a grandmother of three, I have a passion for giving families their very best start!

After my husband retired in San Antonio eight years ago, I began my vocation as a DONA certified Doula. I am a childbirth educator, specifically a Spinning Babies certified parent educator, as well as a Stillbirthday Doula. I am also a Body Ready Method Pro! This means I am uniquely qualified to help you prepare your body to have more comfort in pregnancy and more ease in childbirth, no matter what the outcome.

I meet with clients at least twice prenatally, teach them a Spinning Babies class (preparing the body to make the most possible room for babies to be in an optimal position.) I also give you a body ready method assessment to help pinpoint areas that might need special attention!

I am with you through active labor with all the tools in my toolbox, including a TENS unit to help with comfort. As a breast-feeding coach I can support you and your breast-feeding journey.

I will visit you postpartum and make sure that all is well. I am available via text or a phone call during all our time together. I love incorporating our faith into your pregnancy and birth experience.


"Rachel is simply fantastic. She has significant personal and professional experience and an intuitive nature and ability to bring just the right energy one needs in a particular moment. As a first time mom planning a home birth, I was unfamiliar with the birthing process and had little experience with pregnancy, labor, postpartum, etc. Rachel offered hands on knowledge and ideas as a certified Spinning Babies educator, general education and resources …"
Kristin Porter 5/9/2023

"We had a roller coaster of a pregnancy and birth journey. Nothing went the way we had imagined. Just when we had a plan, it would change. Rachel was there through every step with a calm and compassionate spirit. Her knowledge and experience with everything thrown at us gave us the security and confidence that we would bring our son earthside safely no matter what."
Summer Kotson 4/8/2023

"Words can't describe how grateful my wife and I were to have Rachel as our doula. We were introduced to her through San Antonio Birth Doulas when my wife and I found our our daughter was in breech position. We both felt a little lost, but Rachel made us feel confident we could turn our baby and she took her time to help teach us exercises to encourage our baby to flip."
Luke & Pinky 3/22/2023

"Rachel is exactly what every doula should be. She made my birth about me, my husband, and our new baby. She played one of the most important roles in the room making sure the nurses and hospital staff listened to our wishes and gently suggesting and guiding me to different positions but somehow she did this all while making it feel like it was just my husband and me."
Lauren Hall 3/7/23

"Rachel was an exceptional doula. She truly made my home birth experience amazing. She helped me during active labor get into positions to move my baby down the birth canal and within 4 hours my baby was born. She had little tricks up her sleeve like using essential oils like clary sage and peppermint when I was nauseous. She made sure I was hydrated and had nourishment and talked me through the painful contractions of transition I experienced after my water broke."
Brittany Henderson 1/3/2023

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