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Blessed Mother Birth Services

Caitlin Rodriguez

Childbirth Educator and Doula

Fort Worth, TX


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God has given me the honor of serving women since 2010. I have assisted in 100+ births, each with their own individual precious story. Being a birth doula has certainly been a ministry for me and I count myself blessed to help mothers become empowered and experience the births they deserve.

Childbirth classes include a 4-to-5-lesson curriculum that is personalized to your desires to bring peace to your birth. Topics include: Stages of Labor, Relaxations Techniques, Options at the Hospital/Birth Center/Home, and Postpartum care. Each lesson is curated to you and your partner to truly empower you for birth.

Doula services include two prenatal visits, on-call period from 38-42 weeks, continuous in-person support during labor and birth, and one postpartum visit.

I came into the birthing profession in a nontraditional way. After graduating college, I moved into an incredible maternity shelter in the St. Louis area. After witnessing my first birth with my roommate, I knew God was calling me for more. The staff nurses encouraged me to attend training to become a doula and it became my passion. I lived there for 3 years and helped many of my roommates during their births. It was such a privilege to serve women in this way. After completing service there, I continued to work with moms for years in pregnancy resource centers from California to D.C. teaching childbirth classes and attending to births. In 2015 I became recertified with DONA International and began Blessed Mother Birth Services.

After living a gypsy life, I have now grown some roots in the heart of Fort Worth with my husband and son. I’m a total science nerd, would having matching friendship bracelets with St. Gianna Molla if I could, and may be found belting Broadway showtunes in my car.


"Thank God for Caitlin!
Through the classes, she taught us about everything from the stages of labor to the pros & cons of various interventions, giving my husband & me newfound confidence. What I learned from her also empowered me to speak up in the OB appointments, where previously I had been at a loss about what to ask and what concerns to raise. At the birth itself, Caitlin was indispensable. I never thought I'd have a doula present at a birth, but now I am so grateful we did."
Gabbi 2015

"Caitlin is warm, competent, and approachable. She offered calm comfort and confidence, not to mention incredible counter pressure. She was also an outstanding coach to my husband before, during, and after each of our 3 births. She is a soft landing and I always looked forward to working with her when we found out I was pregnant. Caitlin cared about me and our family mattered greatly to her. She was simply wonderful. Above, beyond, and back again for the next round, every time."
Nellie 2021

"As a first-time mother I was blessed to have found Caitlin. I always felt I could reach out to her for support. She was my reinforcement support; I felt empowered by being able to accomplish my birthing choices completely. Her reassuring words, posture, and sense of stability enabled my mind and spirit to come together as one to finish my labor to the end. I will always be grateful for Caitlin's presence at my birth."
Yareli 2017

"From the start, Caitlin was supportive and provided my husband and I with so much useful information. Caitlin is patient, kind, understanding, nurturing, and extremely knowledgeable. The skills she taught helped us to be fully prepared. With Caitlin's phenomenal support, I had a wonderful and smooth birthing experience. From connecting on a personal and soul level to staying by my side, I'm forever grateful to have found this gem of a person to help me along the journey."
Zoe 2021

"My wife and I used Caitlin as our doula for each of our 3 children, and I am so glad we did. Although the majority of her focus was on my wife and baby (and rightly so!), Caitlin made sure to spend time getting me ready to be as helpful as possible to my wife. She asked me how I was feeling, what my expectations for birth were, and how I saw myself fitting into the process. Talking through these hard questions with her helped me to be mentally ready for The Big Day."
Matthias 2023

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