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Micaela Darr

Childbirth Educator

Los Angeles Area and Online


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My name is Micaela Darr, and I’m a trained childbirth educator with a passion for helping women prepare for birth and life with a newborn.

I’m also a mom of seven children with some pretty wild birth experiences of my own! I’ve had 4 hospital births (including a cesarean section), 2 homebirths, and 1 baby born in the car on the way to the hospital! I have also experienced loss in the form of 5 miscarriages. My varied birth experiences have given me compassion and understanding, as well as first-hand knowledge of a range of birth situations.

I’ve also had the honor of attending births as a friend and doula as friends and family bring their babies into the world. I know full well that births are not all rainbows and unicorns, but rather something deeper, more profound, and more intimate… something that connects us to God in a way no other experience can. I believe you were born to do this. My goal is to help you believe it too.

What I teach in my class:
Courses consist of six two-hour classes. Classes will cover the following, along with any questions and concerns you may have.

Nutrition + Exercise to prepare for labor
Dealing with common pregnancy discomforts
Choosing a birth professional and location
Informed Consent

Terminology, anatomy, stages of labor
Techniques for labor and pushing
Respect for God’s design
Pain relief: natural and medical
Common technology and interventions
Newborn procedures
Writing a birth plan

Newborn and postpartum life:
Choosing a pediatrician
Attachment: responding to your baby’s needs

Please visit my website for more details and information on registering for classes!


"From the very first conversation, Micaela began to reshape my understanding of how labor and delivery work. TONS of solid gold advice on laboring and managing pain WELL. I can’t express how strong and inspired I felt after that refresher session. It was a truly beautiful and completely holy birth. I entered the labor prepared and ready to welcome the Holy Spirit in with complete surrender to Our Lord’s will."

"Micaela’s presence at my third birth made a huge difference. She knew exactly how to encourage and support me through the whole process. Her suggestions for positions to try, coping techniques, and reminding me to hydrate were exactly what I needed. Everyone needs a Micaela in their life, and especially at their birth!"

"We are staying with some dear friends who are about to have baby #2 and they asked to hear my birth story. As I was sharing, I was reflecting on how grateful I was for your class and the way it taught me to advocate for myself. I honestly would not have been able to do that without your support and guidance."

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