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Birth Story Submissions

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Do you have an empowering, encouraging, and faith-filled birth story you’d like to share on Made for This Birth?

If so, we may want to feature you!


Hearing the stories of other women as they experience the power and glory of birth and navigate the many choices they have is so helpful to other women. Positive stories help to battle the climate of fear in our culture and from the evil one surrounding birth and they can be a beautiful vestige of the sisterhood many of us long for.


Our goal is to feature faith-filled and encouraging stories of God's glory revealed in birth. We want to highlight informed and respectful care where God’s design for birth and our bodies is treated with honor and reverence.


We want to help other mothers believe that God wants to work in and through their births. We want to give women the necessary confidence to trust in the design of birth and to make changes if necessary for the best possible outcomes. We want to offer helpful information so that they know their options as well as inspiration to believe that they, too, can have a beautiful birth.


A few notes:

  • Birth stories must not endorse anything contrary to the Catholic Faith.

  • Stories are meant to be empowering and beautiful but it’s okay to be honest about things you might regret or choices that may have been better for you or baby in this birth or previous ones. You might help someone else by sharing what you wish you had done instead!

  • Questions you might ask yourself while writing: “How did God show up during my labor and birth?” “How did this birth empower, heal, or change me?” “What were the most helpful things I did or used before or during birth to help me have such a great birth?” “How did this birth strengthen me, my marriage, or family?”

  • Please include 1-5 pictures we have permission to use in the post and on social media. 

  • Please include a brief 1-2 sentence bio to publish with your story.



In return you get:

  • The motivation to finally write that story out!

  • The grace from encouraging other women and helping more moms babies have beautiful births

  • Your words featured on the blog and Made for This Birth social media accounts

  • Links to any of your accounts on the story post

  • Any desired tags and mentions promoted on social media


Important note:

Made for This Birth reserves the right to edit for grammar, content, and length if needed. The substance of stories will not be changed but if there are parts that do not complement the mission of Made for This Birth there is a possibility they may be omitted from the story. If a story is completely divergent from the Made for This Birth mission, it may not be published. 

To submit your story: 

Please first contact us with a brief description of your story and your interest. If and when we are ready for you to submit, it can be emailed as a Word document to with attached images. Once submitted, stories may take several weeks to be published.

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