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Our Directory Got a Facelift!

Well, LOOK who just got a facelift!!! Our birth worker directory has grown so fast over the last few years that we needed to give it a giant update!

Click on over here to see it now!

Did you know we had a directory?!? The Made for This Birth Directory is the only free online directory of Catholic, Christian, and pro-life birth professionals. The directory was born in 2020 out of the expressed desire of many frustrated women looking for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum professionals that shared and respected their Catholic, Christian, and pro-life beliefs. And in less than three years the directory has grown to several hundred professionals - beyond what we ever imagined!

It is so awesome hearing from women who were connected with their mid

wife, doula, and more because of finding them on the directory. And it's just as awesome hearing from birth workers who found more clients because of the directory! That's what we're here for - to connect pregnant women looking for birth professionals who recognize and honor the dignity of women and the dignity of the life within their womb no matter the circumstances.

With this update it's now much easier to navigate. You can search by zip code, city, and even filter what kind of provider you're looking for!

We now ALSO have the opportunity for an upgraded directory membership for those listed! This gives the option for listings to have an entirely separate listing page where the provider can share a whole lot more information about their work with prospective clients as well as a few other big perks!!

If you're a mother looking for a midwife, doula, photographer, chiropractor, or other type of birth worker, you should click on over and see if we have one listed near you! A provider's personal beliefs are not the only thing that should be taken into account when making choices about care, of course. How you and your baby will actually be treated during pregnancy and birth matters more than perfectly aligning with every belief of the people we hire. But it certainly is beautiful when we can find someone who offers both excellent, individualized care that respects God's physiologic design for our bodies and birth and who also honors the dignity and rights of babies within the womb, God's design for male and female, and natural law.

If you're a Catholic, Christian, or pro-life birth worker (i.e. someone working *directly* in the sphere of prenatal, birth, postpartum time) and you're not already on here, we'd love to have you! Submission forms are found right on the main directory page when you scroll down.

Do you know someone who should be listed who isn't on there yet??

We'd greatly appreciate if you let them know and share the link directly with them to get on it!! To keep the integrity of the directory, we don't list anyone without their permission and we need the providers themselves filling out the form and agreeing to the statement of beliefs and practice.

Please share with your pregnant friends, your local faith communities, and any birth workers who should be on here. Many of us know that the birth world is getting increasingly polarized and politicized and infiltrated by the culture of death, ableism, and fear. Our goal is to be a resource and light for both women and birth professionals to respond to that growing and troubling trend. Your shares with friends, communities, and on social media help us in that goal of building a stronger culture of life one birth at a time.

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