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The Made for This Birth Professional Directory

Connecting Women with Catholic, Christian,

and Pro-life Birth Professionals

Search Below to Find Midwives, Physicians, Doulas, and More in Your Area!

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The Made for This Birth Directory is the only online directory of Catholic, Christian, and pro-life birth professionals.


This directory was born from the desire of many mothers who desired to find birth professionals that share and respect their Catholic, Christian, and pro-life beliefs. On this site you can find pro-life birth professionals including physicians, midwives, doulas, and more who uphold the dignity of life and birth. 

To be included on this list, the professionals have accepted our statement of beliefs and practice accordingly. You can find the statement of practice for Catholics HERE, for non-Catholic Christians HERE, and for non-Christian pro-life professionals HERE.


All information is true to the best of our knowledge. The Made for This Birth Directory is not responsible for any outcome resulting from the use of the information included on this site. Inclusion on this site does not necessarily indicate promotion of a specific provider or professional's practices or methods of care. We encourage every mother to research evidence based birth practice and seek out birth professionals who adhere to those practices and that is reflected in their statistics. We encourage every mother to ask questions of any prospective birth professional they are considering. We hope this ministry will be a blessing to mothers and babies and give you helpful information to make the choice that is best for you in your individual circumstances.

This directory is to help women in finding care specific to pregnancy and birth. If you are looking for a provider for the purposes of Natural Family Planning and ethically sound fertility care, we'd like to refer you to the following, with which we are not affiliated:

The One More Soul NFP Directory

The Billings Ovulation Method Provider Search

The Read Your Body Educator Search

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If you are a practicing Catholic birth professional, non-Catholic Christian birth professional, or non-Christian pro-life birth professional we would love to include your information on this directory so that prospective clients can find you. Birth professionals include obstetricians, midwives, family practice physicians that attend births, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, bereavement doulas, chiropractors specializing in pregnancy, acupuncturists specializing in pregnancy, lactation consultants, pregnancy care centers, massage therapists, pelvic floor specialists, ultrasound technicians, and more.

Please note: This site is to help women in finding care specific to pregnancy and birth. We are not listing Natural Family Planning instructors or fertility care providers unless they also provide services specific to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. 

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